Rally for Marriage Equality

Join the Greens at the Equal Love Rally for Marriage Equality!

We will march with thousands of others to demand Malcolm Turnbull scraps the divisive pebiscite and commits to a free vote on marriage equality. 

We will march to condemn the attacks on Safe Schools.

We will march for an equal and inclusive society.

June 25, 2016 at 1pm - 3pm
Linda Suttie Rebekah Smyth Anica Niepraschk andy miller Bianca Michelle Dan Cook Fern Smith Lucy Bohan Rachel Lewis Michele Ricchetti Ebbi Krämer Olivia Jordan Rebecca Tate Jen Hitchman Darren Hocking Anna Crabb Shaun Rammers Alex Mungall Bianca Foster Mell Hutch Andrea Gorman Lucy Davidson Vincent Marsicovetere Amber Louise Hickey Michael Ball Alex Callahan Kate Clinnick Paul Duggan Jessica Simpson Troy Larkin Amber Fisher Peter Hart Issy Holledge Pete Carroll Aldiana Sterjova Sian Alice Jacob de Bruyn Prue Laurence Kristen Claire Carolina Missy Amata Channa Wickremesekera Emma Netzer Segal Scott Chamberiain Josh Fergeus Michael Roche Andy Peisker Cassie MacAlpine Matt Green

Will you come?