Rally for marriage equality

Rally for marriage equality image

Join the Victorian Greens at the Equal Love rally for marriage equality and illegal mass wedding.
13 years ago, Liberal and Labor banded together to enshrine discrimination into the marriage act. This time, love will win.
August 26, 2017 at 1pm - 3pm
3,862 RSVPS
Thomas Bierly Vanessa Jane Brown Raine May Lee Beck Roy Stu Willis Elsa Gladigau Jen Ni Katya Dibb Jessica Crofts Emily Walker Tanya Shoemaker Casey Jo Steph Brophy Adam Christou Madeleine Charles Imy Quinn Mollie Mary Natalia Lilford Sarah Harris Amy Kenton Kam Shafaati Gabriella Corbo-Perkins Kelsie Trainor Camila Vilemberg Darren Crosbie Sarah Croney Cameron Drinan Alysia Kaiser Matthew David Lew Simone Marissa Flanagan Ariel Johnson Julian Donahue Libby Watkins Will Monsoon Cat O'Bryan Kieran Boal Vicki Giggins Hayley Steele Chris O'Keeffe James Shuter Rebekah Davis Robert Funken Carly Elizabeth Dâve Pëtersen Anna Laura Molly Bloomfield Chris Walker-Cook Meagan Hunt

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