Earlier this year the Federal Government announced drastic cuts to support for asylum seekers in Australia waiting for a decision on their visa application.

Over half of all asylum seekers on government support, called status resolution support services (SRSS), will lose their basic income (around $35 a day), case management and access to trauma and torture counselling services.

These cuts will affect thousands of people in Victoria, many of whom are already struggling to buy food and pay for rent.

If we don't act fast, up to 4,000 asylum seekers will almost certainly become homeless across Victoria. 

We cannot stand by and allow this to happen in our communities. The Victorian Government must step in and look after our most vulnerable to stop this from becoming a humanitarian crisis. The Greens have outlined a plan to commit $13 million to cover supports to affected people for the next six months as an emergency measure.

We’re calling on the Andrews Government to step up and support our emergency fund for asylum seekers. Add your name today.

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