Renewable Energy - Lunch and discussion

This is an event for those that want to take action and drive renewable energy forward.

  • Renewable energy discussion on electric cars, solar panels, low energy housing and the coming smart energy technology.
  • The effect of government policy on the industry.
  • Greens policy on renewable energy
  • We're hoping to get a few electric cars out there too including the new Holden Volt which you may get a chance to drive if you're lucky.
  • A little on the venue and host: Alan's low energy house in Briar Hill is a complete retrofit conversion of traditional brick veneer for comfortable low energy living. An 8.4 star building envelope, zero mains water use, and some novel technologies such as solar space heating, ground source geothermal air conditioning, on grid and off grid PV, carbon neutral pellet heater, and active solar gain management.

 This is a fundraising event and all proceeds will go to the local Greens branches

Ticket Prices:

  • Standard ticket: $20 includes carbon price $10/tonne
  • Medium price: $30 includes carbon price $26/tonne
  • Full price: $40 includes carbon price $100/tonne

Please make sure you purchase your tickets before it is booked out. 

A link to pay for your tickets will be in your RSVP email.

August 16, 2014 at 12pm - 4:30pm
Daniel Beuchat Jennifer Zalme Robert Stringer Liezl Shnookal Mary Stringer Alan Cuthbertson Linda Laos Alastair Leith Barbara Trauer Peter Castaldo

Will you come?