Federation Square was built as a public and cultural space, but could soon become more like a shopping mall.

Four days before Christmas, the Victorian Labor Government revealed its plan to demolish an entire building to make way for an Apple Megastore in Federation Square.

The Greens introduced a motion into the Victorian Parliament that would have overturned this terrible decision. But at the very last minute, the Liberals, Fiona Patten, the Shooters, and all other crossbenchers joined Labor in voting to let Apple build their megastore in Fed Square.

This store will dominate Fed Square, take over public space, and change the face of one of the most iconic public places in Melbourne.

This decision was rammed through with no public consultation at all. But we won't give up the fight.

We call on Premier Dan Andrews and Planning Minister Richard Wynne to:

  • revoke the decision to give over public space in Federation Square for an Apple megastore
  • consult Victorians on a different location for an Apple store in an appropriate commercial space
  • censure that Federation Square remains primarily a civic and cultural space for Victorians.

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