Help us more Greens into Moreland Local Government

Lets get more Greens on Local Government!

Well, Election Day may be done and dusted but the count is far from over! At this stage we are very close to DOUBLING OUR REPRESENTATION ON COUNCIL, but we're not quite in the clear yet!


We know we have Natalie Abboud in in NE Ward! We know we have Samantha Ratnam back in in Sth Ward (by a landslide), but standing on a knifes edge we have Dale Martin in the NW Ward - who will hopefully be our first elected rep in that area and Mark Riley who we hope will pick up a second seat in Sth Ward! What an incredible prospect! Four Green counsellors!

This election is closer than ever - every vote counts! Thats why is is crucial that we have volunteers helping to pretoect those important Greens votes as they get counted.

Do you have a few hours, or a half day to support the future of your community and help us to get more Greens elected to Local Government in Moreland?

They VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission) will be counting all the votes in one day this Wednesday at the Showgrounds from 9am until approx 7pm. 

Can you help us tally the votes?

RSVP here and I will be in touch shortly. 


October 26, 2016 at 9am - 7pm
Zeeshan Asif John Merkel Annie Mullarvey

Will you come?