#StephforPorts Snap Meeting

The election is likely to be called at the end of this week, sending us to the polls on July 2nd.  This leaves us with 2 short months to show the people of Melbourne Ports that Steph Hodgins-May and the Greens are the party that is standing up for what matters. 

Come to our snap meeting to hear about our plans to turn Ports Green, and how you can play a part in making history!


Everyone is welcome - and we look forward to meeting you!


May 10, 2016 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Bianca Tracy keyan sepahpour Steph Hodgins-May David Feith Gillian Fawcett Colin Smith Dylan Eagles Matt Hunt Punnen Syriac Simon Brady Sarah Zaharie Joseph Buchan Carey Lai Harriet Johnson Janet Fisher Sue Travers Keith Oehme Tim Baxter Brittany Bertram Julie Drysdale Julien Vincent Michael Bellas Bronwen Bryant Sara Evison-Rose Rowena Hockin Wesley Morris Daryl Chislett Aaron Brown Victoria Wilson

Will you come?