State-wide Reach Out for Pre Poll!

We need your help! 

Pre-Poll has started and we need to make sure we cover all the booths across Victoria!

This is a big job! There are estimates that up to 30% of voters will be voting early this election and we know a significant percentage of people make up their mind on who to vote for on the day, in the booth!

We need to make sure that we have smiling, friendly volunteers to place that How to Vote card in their hand.

Can you help us?

We will be running Phone Banks from State Office to recruit volunteers to cover our booths in regional areas.

We have people who want to help with this, we just need to tell them the details.

Come to State Office on Thursday with your phone and laptop (if you need these provided just advise) for training and to help us cover these booths to give us the best chance of keeping our senators and increasing our vote in the house.

There will be snacks!

See you there!


June 19, 2016 at 1pm - 4pm

Will you come?