Council Campaign Celebration 2020

You’re invited to celebrate our fabulous local council campaign! This Friday, join Samantha Ratnam MP and Head of Campaigns Naomi Blackburn to hear about our amazing wins. Bring yourself a drink and find a party hat and come celebrate zoom style with all the wonderful people involved in the campaign across the state before our new councillors get to work next week.

This election saw a massive 36 Greens elected to council. We’ve broken our record of 29 elected councillors in 2016, doubling our representation in the suburbs and elected Greens to council seats across regional Victoria, many for the first time.

In Yarra, we will have Australia's Greenest ever council, with a 5 seat majority. This is the first ever Greens-majority council, or Greens-majority government of any level, in Australia and one of the first Greens majority governments globally. 

Our party has done a tremendous job to get this result - you have gone out and exceeded all expectations. We have much to be proud of in this campaign - come soak it up - it's a huge win!

All candidates, campaign teams and volunteers welcome!


November 13, 2020 at 4:30pm - 6pm




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84 people are coming

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