Racism is on the rise.

The media and politicians like Peter Dutton and Matthew Guy keep peddling baseless “law and order” panic about African communities in Melbourne. 

These fear campaigns and policies are damaging our communities. They increase vilification, violence and institutional racism.

Combined with anti-migrant, anti-refugee, and Islamophobic discrimination in Federal politics, this is producing a toxic and racist environment at a time when our wonderfully diverse, multicultural communities should be coming together to build a future for all of us.  

The conversation around crime and race in Melbourne is creating division and damaging people's lives. We need to call out the racist rhetoric and turn the conversation around.  

Will you join us to stand together against racism? Add your name now. 

On Saturday 10 November at 2pm, we will be marching for this very cause at the State Library of Victoria. Will you join us? 

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