Stonnington Greens Council Campaign Kickoff

Join Cr Erin Davie, Mike Scott, James Cooper, Nicole Gunn and Polly Morgan, our Stonnington Greens council candidates for a fun-filled afternoon finding out how you can help us to elect 3 (or maybe more!) Greens to Stonnington Council. Bring the kids, your friends and your neighbours - everyone is welcome.

Whether you’re a fresh face, first helped in Higgins this year, or a veteran campaigner, we’re looking forward to building our team for Stonnington and working hand-in-hand with our volunteers to get more Greens elected to council than ever before. Will you join us?

August 21, 2016 at 2pm - 4pm
Gretta Rose van Riel Simon Cooper Thomas Sounness Georgina Whitby Erin Davie Jared Nash Case Harper Rich Bradlow Peter Lane Elizabeth Blackett-Smith Susan Smith David Jeffery Michael McCormack Anthony Garnham Philip Pearson Des Carroll Michael Wellard Judy Taylor Sam Hibbins Maggie Knight Sean Kelly Matt Smith Milton Cameron Adam Irving Rhonda Hirst Brittany Hancock Sophie Doyle Angie Glavas Jared Jenkins Malcolm Pym Kerry Johannes Thomas Rhodes James Dowling Helen Wirtz Krishna Fleming Daniel Buffett Eleisha Mullane Josephine Maguire-Rosier James Cooper Rob V Michael Angela Merriam Eithne Donlon Nicole Heales Andrea Gorman Rachel Shea Rob Michael Daniel Taylor Max Norton

Will you come?