Melbourne Ports says Stop Adani

The Adani megamine must be stopped! 


Join Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports Steph Hodgins-May and special guests Julien Vincent from Market Forces and Janine Duffy from Echnida Walkabout Nature Tours to discuss how we are going to build the movement, stop the money and shift the politics!


December 14, 2017 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Deborah Hiller Peter Moritatis Derek Wilson Jonathan Meyer Martin Maderthaner Dan J Tobes Viktoria Jansson Claire Proctor Duncan Forster Sivan Barak Bialobroda Lann Falconer Tim Baxter Steph Hodgins-May Mauro Mazzerioli Ella Webb Mark Kerlin Steph Hm Kirby Leary Aaron Tillekeratne Mike Wilson Janine Duffy Henrique Salles Alana Egan john neve Jane Leitinger meredith jelbart

Will you come?