The Grand Letterbox Final - Darebin Council

Ballot packs will be arriving in peoples letterboxes next week!

We want to make sure everybody in Darebin knows who our candidates are and what they stand for before they sit down at the kitchen table to vote. 

Leaflet packs will be available for collection from the campaign office - 897 High Street Thornbury - between the hours of 12pm -7pm on Thursday the 29th of September. If you can not make it at this time don't despair contact Dan on 0430866401 to organise another time.

September 29, 2016 at 5pm - 8pm
Anna McCracken Ellenie Pond Chris Deakin Carmelina Di Guglielmo Steph Amir Gael Reid Michael Wauchope Eugene Howard Ray Radford Mark Deasey Batman Volunteer 09 Mark Blades Morgaine Presser Britt Putland Cathy Audley Sharon Stewart Duncan Pitt Dan Cook Michael Alexander Andrew Schudmak Graeme Williams Brendan Gray Anne McKenzie Leslie Fraser Ollie Bennett Esther Hogenhout Susan Pepper Bec Talbot Elizabeth Hoey Jim Buckell Michael Little Shen Black Suzette Mitchell

Will you come?