Truck Off - Safer Streets, Cleaner Beaches

We all want cleaner air, more green space, fewer cars and trucks on our streets, and healthier neighbourhoods for our children to grow up in. 

As residents we have serious concerns around the Webb Dock expansion in the Port of Melbourne aggravating existing health and environmental issues by increasing airborne diesel particles and noise pollution.

Ultimately we need a 24/7 ban on non-local truck movements, but instead of investing in rail, successive governments have let much of the Victorian rail freight system go into disrepair by failing to adequately invest in maintenance and renewal. 

Influenced by the powerful truck lobby, the government has supported the movement of freight away from rail to road, when it should be the opposite.

We want to reverse the trend of moving to truck based transport and increase investment in freight rail transport infrastructure.

Sign the petition to tell the Premier to put the needs of our community first!


We, the undersigned, urge the Andrews government to prioritise the health, safety and liveability of the residents of Port Phillip, and call on it to:

  1. Prioritise our children’s health. Reduce asthma rates by committing to a 24 hour curfew for container trucks on all local streets.
  2. Build the Port Rail Shuttle immediately. This would take 3,500 trucks off our local streets every day, and reduce pollution from our freight industry.
  3. Improve air quality by thoroughly assessing and minimising air pollution impacts of trucks, and using the best pollution filtering technology.
  4. Protect local residents from noise pollution by planning best practice noise protection measures.

Will you sign?

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  • garry Hamilton
    signed 2016-10-19 13:17:39 +1100
    I have awoken to the bed literally moving due to the vibration of trucks and the noise far exceeds those within accpetable health range of World Health Organisation or Vic policies. This is not a main highway or truck route and as such it should not be utilised as such. The signage regarding times and such does absolutely nothing. The motorbikes are too very disruptive but seem limited to warmer weather so atleast there is some reprive – sadly the ssame cannot be said for the trucks.
  • Judith Solomon
    signed 2016-10-18 17:37:35 +1100