WORKSHOP: Green New Deal- Regional and Rural Communities Helping to Shape Our Future

Do you live in a regional or rural community?

Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens Agriculture and Affairs spokesperson is pleased to welcome you to this special Green New Deal consultation, where you’ll have a chance to contribute to The Greens plan for Australia.

For decades we’ve seen our social safety net eroded by successive governments who have been more focused on looking after corporations than on looking after people

The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the results of this for all to see.

These same governments have been happy to destroy, degrade, and pollute our environment and make our climate crisis worse for the sake of profit for their corporate

The Green New Deal is a plan to reshape Australia. As we come out of this global pandemic a plan for the way forward is more important than ever.

We want to make sure that people living in regional and rural communities have an opportunity to contribute their unique perspective as we build this plan together. 

WHAT: Regional and Rural Green New Deal Online Workshop

WHEN: Sunday 21st of June, 2 - 5 pm  

WHERE: via Zoom 

Please sign up and join us. You'll get details of how to join the workshop in the email confirmation.

Later this month we’re running a Green New Deal workshop specifically for young Victorians. If you would like to attend this workshop instead, here is the date and link to the event: 


June 21, 2020 at 2:00pm - 5pm


Zoom meeting


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55 people are coming

Will you come?