Wills | Scrutineer Training Night

Join us for our Scrutineer Training on Thursday 30th of June!

Scrutineering the count of the votes is essential to ensuring the success of our campaign. We need to ensure that every vote that should go to us, does.

For that reason, attending a Scrutineer Training is crucial for all Scrutineers. This is an event for experienced and first-time scruitineers.

In the training we’ll cover:

  • what you can and can’t do as a Scrutineer,
  • what to expect
  • we’ll run through a simulation of the scrutiny, so you can get a sense of what’ll be like on the day,
  • and of course have time for any questions you may have.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in and grab yourself a cup of tea.

Please bring a notebook to take notes.

June 30, 2016 at 6pm - 8pm
Chris Jackson Justin Stokes Tate Deklerk Nathan Eizenberg Grania Buckley Yasmin Jarkan Jack Quigley Sophie Harle Sam Rankin Tom McLean Alberto Cuesta cañada Dale Martin Sasha Savanovic Natalie Buler Bensen Thomas Riley McAuliffe Kim Nolan Sophie Durham Daniel Craig Charles Gutjahr Dimetre Triadis Phil Jackson Yohanna Gardener linda muller Beth Koch Bernie Maguire Ramona Oliver

Will you come?