Join the Sprint in Wills to Election Day

We are in The Sprint to Election Day! Each day in Wills HQ we'll be working hard calling voters, having data parties, recruiting volunteers and doing whatever else needs doing for Sam to win Wills. Be a part of the Team and learn valuable campaigning skills.

Each weekday The Sprint will have a 10am-1pm shift, a 2pm-5pm shift and a 6pm-9pm shift, beginning Tuesday 21st June. Can you help? Can you join our Sprint Team?


June 21, 2016 at 10am - July 07, 2016
Sam Hall Chris Stevenson Ostii Ananda Justin Stokes Thomas Woodberry William Ross Gideon Lipinski Anna Crabb Rose Pearce Gwen Arnold Aidan Sexton Tess Beagley Amelia Fowles Nicola Grant Antigone Komodromos Grania Buckley Bronte Lance Kathleen McLachlan Jill Carr Ross Parks Freya Collins Hallahan Holly Duffy Samuel Haynes Samuel Haynes Anastasia Gramatakos James McInnes Daniel Sullivan Yasmin Jarkan Callum Simpson Mary-Ann Parker Giovanna Wulf Tegan Leeder Kylie Doust Lester Jones Kate Stewart Kimberley Read Beth Koch

Will you come?